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Every RP comm has it's own set of rules. Don't let these long, written-out rules scare you off - they're very straightforward and easy to follow. ♥

[01] You must have a love for Yuugiou, obviously. Honestly though, you don't need to know that much about it because the RP is semi-AU. If you want to play an OOC character, you don't necessarily need to know the character like the back of your hand - they're going to act differently, anyway. ;3 But some background knowledge would be nice.

[02] You can have up to three characters. Just to be nice and give other people a chance to have a character. :D If more than one person decides to apply for the same character and you don't get accepted for it, you may ask to be another character if they haven't been taken already.

[03] There are two choices to each character - IC or OOC. You can be both, but it's just nice to let someone else be the other half of your character. Kinda see how different you ARE. And if you apply to be IC!Malik, don't make him nice and fluffy and lovey-dovey. That would be OOC. Meaning... apply for OOC!Malik if you want him like that. :D

[04] PLEASE TRY TO BE ACTIVE. Meaning, if you claim a character, don't just let it sit there like a bump on a log. If you claim a character, you're expected to post somewhat regularly - now, this doesn't mean you have to make a post every day, or even every week, but at least one post a month would be good. I realize that when people have two and three characters, it can be a little hard to do anything with all of them. Likewise, I realize that people have lives outside the internet. So if you don't post, then at least comment sometimes or participate in an RP. If you fail to make a post within two months of your last one, you will be given a warning. If you don't post within two weeks of that warning, your character will be dropped. If, for some reason, you absolutely cannot post, then leave a notice on the community or in your character's journal. (You don't have to leave a notice if you're only going to be away for the weekend or something. I'd say that if you're going to be away for longer than a week, then you should let us know.) ADDENDUM, 03 July 2006: You can remain on hiatus for no longer than two months. After that, your characters will be considered for cutting. If you absolutely must be away longer than that, like if you're leaving school for vacation and won't have computer access at home, of if your computer's just about to die or something, then let us know and you'll be given an extension. Should you decide to go on hiatus after two months of regular inactivity has passed, you can be inactive for a maximum of four months before you'll be put on the cut list.

[05] Please be nice to the other members. I know that there are a lot of unliked characters in Yuugiou, but if someone decides to play one of them, as much as you hate them - please just be nice. Can't we be friends? 8D *shot* I know that the temptation to report any problem-causers to bad_rpers_suck or some variant may be overwhelming, but it's not fair to that player if you run off there, because they may not watch those communities - so they wouldn't know that they're being talked about and they wouldn't have a chance to explain themselves. :| If there is a problem, let one of the moderators know. I don't want there to be any drama or wank. ;;

[06] Have fun with this. This is a crack community after all, so the chat logs will most likely be humorous. It's meant for entertainment. Also, this community is very yaoi/yuri-friendly, so if it's not your cup of tea, then you have two options: join and tolerate it, or don't join. Quite simple, really.

[07] LJ-CUTS are your friend. Warnings, too. When posting chat logs, PLEASE LJ-cut with a warning. ^^; As much as some of us may like it, others may not want to read about yaoi smut. So do us all a favor and WARN US.

[08] You are allowed ONE character exchange. This means that if you have three characters and want to drop one of them because you'd rather play another, you're free to do so, but only once. If you have a legitimate reason for changing your character, like if you've found that you're not very good at playing said character and would rather try another, then that's fine. But if you want to just change characters for no reason, then you have one chance to do so, and that's it. If you decide you want to change after that, your third character will be dropped and you'll just have your first two. The reason for this is because switching characters all the time is a big waste of journal names. Obviously, this isn't a real problem for those of you that have one and two characters - you can always pick up another.

[09] A quick note on NPCs. NPCs are absolutely fine to bring in. You can mention them in your character's post, you can RP with them, but there's just one thing here I want to touch on: if you're going to bring in a real person to use as an NPC, such as a singer or actor, please change their name to something... different-yet-still-similar. O.o For example - say you want your character to interact with, oh... Gackt. Change his name to like... Wackt or Crackt or something. A lot of people have issues about real-person slash and things like that, not to mention that even with some of the cracky things that happen here, the YGO cast interacting with an actual celebrity who probably doesn't even exist in the YGOverse can be a little bit far-fetched. In short, if you're bringing in a real-person NPC, change their name to something cracky - it'll keep the wank down, and make the RP crackier than it already is. ;D You don't have to change the names if you're listening to a popular band when you post (as that would just be too hard to remember every time you post), only if you bring them in as an NPC.

Read the rules? Ready to join? When you apply, where it says "zomg" reply with "dead" so I know you read the rules. ^^ Comment here with the information listed.
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